Saturday, March 3, 2012

A wonderful trip to Rome, and a Kayak meeting…

I just came home from a 4 day trip to Rome with my two sons. 4 intense days of walking and seeing whatever is to see: historic sites, architectural masterpieces and folklore. We even got a glimpse of Mediterranean nature also!
Thanks to Claudio Rufa of Gruppo Canoe Roma, I had the opportunity to show pictures and tell about last year’s baidarka expedition. It became a great meeting, with very many equally enthusiastic paddlers and SOF kayak enthusiasts, of which some had travelled nearly 500 km. to join!! My sons had reluctantly agreed to come along to hear their father speak for over 2 boring hours L, but with a great dinner afterwards, and good company, they both agreed that this had been a very special evening to remember!  

Thanks a lot to all the great people who attended the meeting, and a special thank to Claudio and the others from Gruppo Canoe Roma for arranging it. I have very warm thoughts for all of you, and I definitely want to come back!

...Not for the first time in history, vandals from the north stand outside the city walls of Rome