About this blog

I started this blog in the late autumn 2010. The reason was the beginning of an epic journey - the round-Norway expedition in a home built wood and canvas baidarka. I started blogging as I started building my baidarka that year, and kept blogging on my more than 3000 km. journey in the summer of 2011.

I quite enjoyed blogging, and kind of missed it when I got home.
Therefore, I decided to turn the "Paddling Norway 2011" blog into a blog that describes what I'm doing at the moment. Building stuff in my workshop, being out paddling, teaching, travelling or whatever.

If you search in the blog archive, you will find the whole Norway expedition between 15. of July and 27. of September 2011.
I hope you like the blog, and don't miss my main web pages!
Anders Thygesen
Kajakkspesialisten, Norway