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Paddle making class

Again, I had the pleasure of inviting a group of people to participate in a one-day paddle making workshop. Each year, I have more than 100 students in classes like these - still it's as fun and inspiring every time. People came mainly from not too far away. The expection being Michael from Denmark, who spent 10 hours of travelling one way to get here - pretty amazing with such dedicaton! Not surprisingly, with highly motivated and dedicated student, we saw very beautiful results by the end of the day. 8 proud and exhausted students took home 8 very nicely carved greenland paddles with them home after 8 hours of work. Almost last task: shaping the shaft from square to 8-sided to 16 sided, ending up oval. Planing the blade. The spokeshave is essential here. Sanding. Most of the paddles are made entirely of Norwegian spruce. Anne who had made a few paddles before, took the challenge of a take-part paddle of spruce, alder and oak. Shaping the shoulder.  More spokeshave.. ..And the tip

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