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How old friendship can be revitalized through a kayak building class - a tale about building a kayak by Bjørn Hesthammer, Tromsø

These words are actually more about friendship than kayaks, even though the kayaks plays a vital role in the story. This story actually started 35 years ago, when some of us first met. As pretty normal, we first met through work and found that we shared some of the same interests and values, and step by step a lifelong friendship evolved. Since we first met here in Tromsø, up in Northern Norway in the mid 1980-ies, we have spent a lot of time together, mainly related to outdoor activities. As old buddies also do, we meet for a beer or two and some good food every now and then. What has struck us over the last years though, is that when we meet, we gradually talk more about things we have done, than actually doing new things together. Anders:"In a good week from now you will all have finished your own kayak, pretty similar to this one". Yeah, sure!.. That was the seed that grew to the idea of asking Anders Thygesen at Kajakkspesialisten if he was willing to give a kayak build

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