Justine presentation and a new workshop record!

Just woke up to the most beautiful sunny day for a long long time...

My hands are really sore from bending lots of ribs yesterday, but what a day!... I took Justine Curgenven to the train yesterday morning after her wonderful presentation on “Paddling the Aleutians” on Monday evening. Normally I won’t schedule ANYTHING during a kayak building class except for the class, but Justines presentation was absolutely worth it – what a trip those women did! My class agreed that this was a great experience to hear and meet her. Trulyt inspiring, and well worth losing a bit of work on their kayaks..

I felt I was kind of behind schedule, so it was really fun to experience that yesterday went so perfect. My class did excellent work on their kayaks, helping each other really good. That gave me peace and quiet to concentrate on bending ribs on everyone’s boats…and finally in the evening, we had all 8 kayaks ready with ribs bent and all. That was rib bending for 3 Iqyax, 1 double Iqyax and 2 qajaq – 6 kayaks in only one day! New workshop record!!! Thanks a lot to my very good working class! 

We celebrated the days good work with a beer and burnt some scrap wood in my brand new fireplace outside the workshop..

My great old rib bending tube - steam kettle and sewer piping..

Somewhat the picture when we started yesterday morning

What a day! Thanks everyone and a special thanks to Justine! Maybe we got some of her very positive energy!


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