Summer 2021

It sure has been a while since my last blog entry. I feel I jumped on a fast train late winter, and it did not slow down until now. There has sure been lots of challenges along the way...Covid kept us busy arranging, re-arranging and sometimes cancelling course activities. But fortunately, we could make 3 kayak building classes this summer.

The last class was a great relief. We could not only hold an open class with minimal restrictions. We could also welcome guests from foreign countries. It just ended yesterday, and I'm totally filled with the positive energy still :). Along came people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and Lithuania. We built kayak for rolling and touring - Greenland style and Unangan (Alaskan) style. Here's the class photo:

Again, Audun and Jannie helped out both with teaching and logistics. Great relief for me, with this many participants. Audun has been brilliant help. We are so happy to have him on board.

...Here's a small selection of photos from the August class, and the one before:

...And June class:

Almost 30 new kayaks and proud kayak owners during the last 4 months - not bad :). In between, we've had a little time off for relaxing and visiting friends. One nice experience that involved kayaking was our vacation on Brønnøysund, Northern Norway.

Kayak fishing was good

Jannie re-skinned and altered her old iqyax. Here's the upgraded version.

Kurt <3 My long time good friend and kayak enthusiast

Still obsessed with kayak photos... wait till you see the video - yet to be edited.

Jannie teaching Ken some new rolling tricks

Last, but not least, on 8. of august, I turned 50! We had a small celebration of that. I'm now looking back at 25 years as a professional kayak builder and tradition bearer. Half my life, so far. I'm looking forward to the next 25, one day at the time :). Thanks for the photo Audun. You made me smile at last.

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