New kayaks

It was finally time for the spring class last week. Lots of preperations had been done, beforehand. Finally, last Monday, 8 great people gathered in the chapel, to build 8 kayaks within a week. Like before covid, I could welcome nice folks from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danmark and even one from the US. Not often we see Americans over here. The kayak stays in Norway though. Audun helped out with the class but left before this photo was taken.

After 5 days of intense woodworking, we pose in front of finished wooden frames. To become iqyaq, qajaq and greenland style rolling kayaks.


Late in the afternoon on day 4. The frames have got a coat of oil on them. Everyone has tried to sit in their kayak frame before oiling, just in case we misjudged the measures and need to change something.

Cockpits and hatches for storing gear below deck. Varnished and hanging in the sun to dry.

Allan from Denmark rounds the edges of his cockpit. Edges need to be very round for layback rolling.

Oliling frames. From left Paul, Jonas, Andreas and Jamie.

Finishing the kayaks and the sea sock is main priority. Quite a few also had time to finish their paddle as well. Hans Olav did a great job, carving this nice Greenland style paddle out of a piece of spruce. Strong and feather-light.


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