January 2023 so far...

So far January has been all new projects. There has been 2 classes of paddlemaking, I have been preparing the February building class and a few new items has showed up in the webshop so far. Last I have been restoring another of the old 1930's Norwegian recreational skin on frame kayaks. This one was in rather good shape.

So first things first. The new products. I must say I think they look really good. I have made a new Norsaq and a new split paddle,2023 version. Both made of spruce and beautiful alder. You can find them in the webshop here. Below is a few photos. The first three is the new split paddle. The composit ferrule is from the Finish company Kajak Sport. The cool paddlebag is made by Karen - my mom. We also sell those in the webshop.

New paddle and paddlebag on the edge of the ice.

The new composit ferrule from Kajak Sport.


Here comes a few photos of the Norsaq as well.

The old Norwegian skin on frame kayak. I usually restore a few of these every year. They were built by the thousands back in the day, mostly by amateurs. They started the paddle sport in this country.

A few black and white photos... just to give the whole prosess a historical dusty touch.

The frame with the old skin removed.

The cockpit, the frame and the 'seat'.

Covering the frame.

The inside of the frame.


Almost done skinning...

The kayakbuilder in his shop...

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