Late summer travel

It has been a very busy spring and summer, and suddenly the summer is over. We've had kayak build classes, rolling classes, rolling instructor classes, and the summer sales of fine wooden paddles has been overwhelming. We missed travelling North this summer, but we finally had the chance, when we had an opportunity to do some classes in Brønnøysund. To us Southeners, Brønnøysund is way north, but it is actually only halfway up the long Norwegian coastline.

Over the past 25 years Anders has had 100's of people attending paddling classes here, and quite a few kayak build classes as well. It's all thanks to our good friend and paddling colleague Kurt Fagerland and his supportive wife Anne. We got to take a few days off, and had a very pleasant stay at Kurt's family cabin in Innervika.

Kurt seems to know "everyone" and when we first spoke of a possible trip to the North, It didn't take him long to arrange a paddle building and a rolling class. So Noth we went.. On Friday Anders did a talk with slides about paddling skin on frame kayaks on the Norway coast. It was accompanied with very delicious seafood from Joakim and Brønnøy Havopplevelser, a local outfitter, kayak instructor and cook.

Saturday was rolling practice day... 

...and sunday was paddle making day.

The finished paddles made by: Turid, Stein Martin, Ivar, Sissel, May Britt and Joakim (the cook).  

Afterwards we had a few days of fishing, kayaking and hiking.

There were plenty of mackerel in the sea, as well as other species. Easy to catch from a kayak.

The mountain "Torghatten" in the background. Brønnøysund's most famous landmark!


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