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Kayakbuilding at Delmarva Paddlers Retreat 2023 part II

Frames are finished now. They are oiled in order to make them resistant to fungus, rot, dirt and age. With the right storage, a skin-on-frame kayak can last a lifetime. After oiling, the kayak frames are skinned with a heavy duty fabric. In this case, we used nylonpolyester,  Kayakskin , from the "Kajakkspesialisten" webshop. The advantage of the nylonpolyester mix is that it doesn't get loose, when being stored in a humid environment. The Kayakskin stays really tight over the years. This is also due to the stretching method that we use, which Anders has perfected through many test and trials.  The King Island is getting ready. Not it's last, but first oil! In the background, varnished cockpit coamings are hanging out to dry.   More oiling, here, the Greenland style kayaks are oiled. Leaving the birdcage late at night after the oiling. Peter Gengler leaving the Birdcage.   After all the frames are dry the skinnig begins, They are skinned with a nylon polyester mixed f

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