Friday, July 27, 2012

Paddling in Denmark

At the end of my family holiday, I had arranged a good week for myself, where I planned to paddle a bit on my own. I have looked forward to this for weeks. I have often dreamed of paddling around the shores where I grew up and spent the first 20 years of my life.
After a summer that rained away, the weather suddenly seemed to lighten up. The starting point was the small village “Faxe Ladeplads”, where I share a tiny summer cottage with my sister and father.

“The light is really special and beautiful when you’re out this early.”

As the weather turned out really warm and sunny, It was essential to start really early, paddle till mid day, then have a good long siesta in the shadow, and then paddle again in the evening.
It was fantastic to be on the water around 4.30 when the first light came. And strangely, not tiring at all! It was great to be out on my own again.

“In the shadow of this big tree I had a good long siesta when the sun was highest. It had a perfect shape for backrest, and I felt like the Buddha under the tree, sitting there for hours in the shadow.”

After two days of paddling, I gave up the trip. I had had a really good time, but the sun was too warm for long distance travel. The UV index was around 6 (whatever that means?) And even though I had plenty of water to drink, and covered myself with hat, sunglasses and an old oversize men’s shirt, I still got headaches from being so exposed to the sun. I’ll go back to the cold and rain in Norway and paddle the last days of my holiday.

“4.30 in the morning. I peep out of my shelter at the most beautiful morning sky ever.”


Just before I started my summer holiday, 4 weeks ago, I moved out completely of my old workshop! Nothing left there now!  I moved one of my half finished Iqyaq at the end of June. I was really fed-up with moving all my stuff, and I thought “Hey, I’ll make a short movie clip about this kayak leaving the workshop". I have better hopes for my new workshop than the song indicates, I just like listening to “Never mind the bollocks” when I do this kind of work.