Sunday, June 18, 2017

Going to Greenland

...Not me unfortunately

My friend Jon David and I built a kayak this winter. It should be suitable both for rolling and racing. We made a nearly 6 meter long and 42 cm. wide low volume Greenland style kayak covered with cotton canvas.

Now Jon David is on his way to the Greenlandic championship in Aasiaat, Greenland and wanted to take the kayak with him. We met this morning and started cutting up the kayak.

First all the stitching went. It was incredibly easy to remove all the threads. and soon we could pull off the whole skin and roll it together. The plan is to sew it on the kayak frame again, once in Greenland.

Now the frame... We cut all the lashings, and took all doweled joints apart. Luckily, no glue was used while building the kayak, so This was also an easy task.

Finally, we had to cut the length of gunwales, keelson and stringers. This was done by drilling 2 holes in the wood for precise joinery later and simply make some long cuts/scarf joints with a fine toothed saw.

It all fitted nicely in a ski bag, which won't give any trouble or extra costs when boarding the plane to Greenland.

Jon David has plenty of time to assemble the frame when he gets to Greenland. And probably plenty of time to paddle it as well. We cheer on Jon David in the competition!