Friday, January 27, 2012

Grenland Havpadleklubb

Kjempehyggelig møte med Grenland Havpadleklubb i Langesund i går.

nærmere 70 mennesker var møtt opp for å hygge seg sammen, og høre om Norge på langs eventyret mitt i sommer. Det ble en hyggelig aften med mye kajakkprat og padleåreprat. Blir man noengang lei?!....

Etter foredraget ble det handlet Aleutiske padleårer på harde livet.....

Formann Thor lurer litt.....

Tusen takk for en hyggelig kveld, og særlig takk til Trond Magne som tok initiativ til arrangementet!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New project

Just started my new project. A replica of an Iqyax (baidarka) collected around 1850 in the Aleutian islands, stored in the museum of anthropology, St. Petersburg Russia,  and surveyed by David Zimmerly. I got a blueprint from George Dyson many years ago.
To gain more knowledge on traditional Aleut watercraft, I need to learn to paddle faster and make more replicas. This one has been thrilling my imagination for a long time, and it’s great fun to finally start building it. It’s the most extreme specimen I know of. It’s a little more than 580 cm. long and a little more than 43 cm. wide. Good for racing, I guess.
I started today with the gunwales. The original seems to have have longitudal grooves carved in the gunwales through it’s entire length. Why? I haven’t much idea, but I figured out that the best way to learn more was to try to copy the grooves on my replica. All guessing on this issue is appreciated!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Well done!

Yesterday afternoon, the workshop was empty again. It has been a great week, with lots of activity and great company. It's both a bit sad and a great relief when all the kayaks and all the people are gone.

The course was a good one. The atmosphere was good and so was the working spirit. The Baidarkas became really good, but we should have had a bit more time in the end. Perhaps the good atmosphere was to blame?......

We let my camera take a picture every minute, and that became an amusing little video:

Gareth, Pedro, Bjørn, Bao Quoc, Erik, Audun and Håvard - Thank you so much for a great week. Keep up the good spirit and paddle safely!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kayak building course

On Saturday, I started a new intensive baidarka, or ixiaq building course. 7 great guys met, and we have been working some long days now, finishing the framework of 7 baidarkas.

This morning, all the woodworking was finished, and I was met by this beautiful sight:

(I mean Bao Quoc posing, not the kayak frameworks)!

We try to make a short movie from the course, which I will broadcast as soon as the course is finished on Sunday.

We are having a good time, everyone being really positive.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New blog

How I love when things turn normal after a holiday. New Year, work wise, means counting all my materials and web shop items, cleaning the workshop and organizing one year’s invoices.
When I planned my great expedition this (last) year, I was uncertain how the economy of my business would be. It turned out normal, even though the year in many other aspects has been abnormal. I’m very thankful about this, and it really gives me the courage to start planning some other adventure. I guess I will do the same trip over again within a few years….
Just before Christmas, Pål Zimmermann came by and gave me some crooked tree trunks. I have cut them on my band saw, and they will make great masiks, or deck beams, in the 2012 kayaks….

I really feel privileged to be able to feel such joy, just by working on a beautiful piece of wood. And to be able to call it work is nearly like winning in a lottery!
It made me think of this little video from the stone age of the internet:
At the end of the week 8 people will meet in my workshop to build a baidarka, or ixiaq each. Lots of work still needs to be done, cutting all the wood, bending the cockpit coamings, looking over the tools and so on….