Friday, June 17, 2011

Several things have happened since my last post:

I did some self rescues in the 7 degrees “warm” water, only wearing woolen shirt and neoprene pants. It was cold and unpleasant, but it did work well.

I had a great day trip with some friends, Hanne and my two girls.

I paddled with my baidarka fully loaded with 40 kilo of weight. I noticed the difference for the first 5-10 minutes. Then I forgot all about it. My track log showed that I paddled the average of 7,5 km/hour for 20 kilometers – no difference from my normal paddle speed with an empty baidarka.

I made some decoration on my baidarka.

I have fixed a lot of details on baidarka and other equipment. I try to show everything under the submenus on the blog before we begin our trip.

And then I peed in my kayak today! (I’ll spare you the pictures) A while ago I had thought out a system of helping yourself if you need to pee without going to shore. Today I finally had to test it. The idea belongs to Jim Danielsson – a Swedish long distance paddler. He folds a carton milk container and places it in the cockpit within easy reach. I had done the same, placing the container in the pocket I use for my cockpit cover as well, inside the sea sock. It worked fine!