Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rolling course Dokka and SOF SUP!

In the weekend I had a great time, teaching kayak rolls in Dokka. 9 people attended the workshops, and many of them made their first roll. Weather was great – thank you all for a great weekend! The picture here says all!

My friend Geir has been helping me a bit in the new kayak workshop lately. He has been obsessed with the thought of making a SUP (stand up paddle board). Naturally, I helped him, and we more or less made one together in our spare time.

Today it was time for the first test. We wrapped it with plastic and put it on the water. Perhaps a bit small for a tall guy like Geir, but it was fun and stable. A fin would probably help tracking on the finished “board”

After a few small adjustments, we’ll cover it with canvas and paint some palm trees on it….to be continued….