Monday, August 30, 2010

Test trip and meeting

Meeting today - and a short paddle trip.

We discussed a number of things, including maps, food, photography etc. We paddled a short distance, and had lunch outdoors. We tested the kellykettle (, and Tor was positive to bringing one along on the trip. We also set up the Kiva tent - intended for shelter during breaks in bad weather.

The weather was very nice!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Testing the Kiva

I have thought about bringing two tents on the trip - a safe, dry and stable one for sleeping, and a light one, really fast to set up, to use as shelter during breaks, for storing gear at night and maybe for sleeping if the air in the other tent is too thick!

For the second tent I thought of the Mountain hardwear "Kiva". I did a test today - setting it up. I haven't set it up for a year or so, and it took me just 2 minutes from it was stuffed in its bag till it stood on the lawn outside my workshop! I think this is a good idea to use.

Building the baidarka

After finding a nice pair of light spruce gunwales, I have started giving the deck shape. I don't really have time for this work at the moment, so I will look at the deck shape over some weeks now, and will have plenty of time to make changes. So far, the baidarka will be 535 cm. long and 51 cm. wide, but that may change!