Friday, June 29, 2012

What a mess!

My last weeks have been really frustrating. On one hand, trying to do some work. On the other, trying to move all my stuff from my Workshop in Fredfoss.
Fredfoss has been my base and workshop since 2003. Alone, and together with people attending my courses we have built several hundred kayaks here. The place has provided great atmosphere for so many courses, and so many people have met here over the years.
It’s a bit sad to walk around in the half-empty rooms and move all the tons of stuff that has piled up here over the years. Today I had great help from my former apprentice, Espen, who popped by and gave a hand.
However, I usually feel sad the days before going away from home for a long period. It lasts till the moment I start the car and drive away from the house. This is probably the same. I’m really looking forward to start furnishing and working in my new workshop.