Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kayak building class, new video and classes for 2019

7 students from 4 different countries, ages 27-72... all finished in style with 7 different kayak projects. Each kayak tailored specifically to each person's body and personal needs.

This class was a really special one. Having so many skilled and resourceful persons around me fills me with energy and love. A huge thanks and good luck to each and every one of you - Roberto, Markku, Eirik, Hans Olav, Olav, Burghard and Ingolf. I sincerely hope to see you again soon!

Having finished the last big project this year, I immediately started planning some activities for next year. I'm very happy to announce next year's classes on my main web site. There will be two kayak building classes in Vestfossen and one in the US. Check out dates here:

Finally, a very nice surprise came up - video by my good friend Peter Gengler from this year's great Kayaking event in the US. Peter wasn't even there this year, but put together all other peoples movie clips to what has become a beautiful and inspiring video. Proud to see my daughter Sissel's smiling face in many of the sequences :) Enjoy!

Delmarva Paddler's Retreat 2018 from Peter Gengler on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Qajaq USA event and qajaq building class Vestfossen

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat - the big 30
 I've been so lucky to attend this wonderful Qajaq USA event for four times now and it just gets more and more fun to attend because you get to know people there so well. This year was the 30th ever Delmarva and number 18th of being a traditional Qajaq event only. There is a number of other Qajaq USA events and rumor has it that we are going to visit a hole new event next year.

Last year Jannie came with me, and this year we were lucky to be able to share it with my kids also. We got to stay two days in New York with Melanie and Milton before heading south, which was a great little adventure. At Delmarva ├ůsmund did a little mentoring and both Solveig and Sissel did some new rolls. And most important: we all got our seal of approval! 

Jannie had qajaq padding and strokes workshops and I did my first ever paddle making class in USA combined with a discussion panel and builders talking. This year the focus was on maker workshops and one could make mittens, seasocks, harpoons, floatbags or fit your qajaq/kayak or make paddles. 

Last my old mentor Svend Ulstrup attended also which gave me the chance to see him again. Svend build a new qajaq for the Qajaq USA fleet and everyone enjoyed and benefited from his large experience and number of good stories. 

Back home again I jumped right into a new building class. The last one in 2018. Seven handy people are working hard in this moment, to build a bunch of lovely skin on frames that should be finished at the end of this week.

Today the weather was very nice and warm for a fall day here in Norway So we decided to take a little break to give a short introduction to rolling and rescues in SOF Qajaqs.

Ooops... I almost forgot... there is a new paddle in the shop, Arnaq - a women's paddle. More on that one later. It deserves it's own blog post :)!