Sunday, November 8, 2015


Now, remember the Skin-On-Frame Stand-Up-Paddle board we created a few years ago? Things have developed a bit since then... First we tried out some plywood designs. They have been a great hit all summer. Partly because my back injury made it difficult to enter the kayak, and I wanted to go paddling.

And since the plywood board is kind of heavy, I started wondering about making a new and better (and lighter) skin on frame board. I had the chance to spend some time working on it the last couple of weeks, and yesterday it was almost finished.

The design is entirely my own, and being really uncertain of how it would work, I skipped the skinning and just wrapped it with clear plastic wrap, to take it out for a short paddle.

As you may see on the video, It worked GREAT! It's fast, it tracks well (even without fins on it!) and it's very stable. It's the best qualities of the skin kayak, built into a SUP board. By the way, the beautiful paddle is also my own design, and it will be available for customers in 2016.