Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fjord crossings and kayak meeting.....

It has become a tradition to gather at Jørgen and Tones cabin in Hankø, so again this year. The thought of the 2,5 hours car drive almost kept me away, until I figured out I could save 1,5 hours of driving and add 2 hours of paddling, crossing the Oslo fjord by kayak. That would give me the best possible ride. Once thought out, the route was pretty simple: drive to Tønsberg, launch kayak, then straight east and Bingo! Tone and Jørgens cabin!

I was welcomed by Thøger, who paddled out to meet me, then we did some more trips, all together. We had a great dinner, sauna, wine and most important: Great company!!!!
Great thanks to Tone and Jørgen for inviting a bunch of greenland kayakers every year! And great thanks to all who came and shared this wonderful weekend.

Weather just couldn't be better, warm water, sun and hardly any wind. I crossed the fjord back today, only disturbed by curious seals who wanted to take a close look at the odd creature making strange sounds.

Picture from Østfold - Fulehuk lighthouse on the other side of the fjord, some 8 kilometers away.

Last day of summer and crossing the fjord was celebrated with a great dive and swim!