Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early morning paddling

My friend and neighbor Thomas and I has developed a concept called "EARLY MORNING PADDLING".  That is, going out on Sunday morning before it gets light, paddling for about 4 hours, and being back almost before your family has noticed you were gone. That can often make a perfect day!

We did one today, starting around 7 as the very first light came.

Coffee break at "Holtøya" - one of very few islands in lake Eikeren

We had a great paddle trip this morning. Lots of mist with rays of bright sunlight made the trip to Holtøya extraordinary spectacular. I'm very happy to have a friend like Thomas who also thinks this 20 km. trip is nice - It's like: 10 kilometers paddling one way in the middle of this fjord-like inland lake. The landscape hardly changes. Then we usually have a good stop at one of the few islands here, and then we paddle the same 10 kilometers back again. Some would call it boring - I love it!


Thursday, November 15, 2012



Does anyone else enjoy the cracking sound of a huge ash log as you drive wedges in it, and it suddenly comes apart? Geir and I had a great time splitting and carrying this log home. Suddenly the impossible task of carrying one ton of wood becomes possible, as you divide it into smaller parts.

Yesterday I recieved a truckload of completely knot-free spruce! To me worth more than gold. Great kayak and paddle materials for serveral years to come. My son Åsmund earned some money helping me to pile it up in a dry place. Together we moved 5-6 m3, or around 3 tons of wood in less than 3 hours! Feels better than money in the bank!

lengths of 4-6 meters and absolutely knot-free. In Norway this shouldn't be possible! I'm very satisfied.