Sunday, December 6, 2015

More SUP...

This clip is from last Sunday, when I tried out my alomst completely finished new SUP board!
 Did a speed test yesterday of same board…..It’s pretty close to kayak speed J
Now I want to refine both board design and work techniques. Maybe I’ll do board building classes sometime year 2016…

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Now, remember the Skin-On-Frame Stand-Up-Paddle board we created a few years ago? Things have developed a bit since then... First we tried out some plywood designs. They have been a great hit all summer. Partly because my back injury made it difficult to enter the kayak, and I wanted to go paddling.

And since the plywood board is kind of heavy, I started wondering about making a new and better (and lighter) skin on frame board. I had the chance to spend some time working on it the last couple of weeks, and yesterday it was almost finished.

The design is entirely my own, and being really uncertain of how it would work, I skipped the skinning and just wrapped it with clear plastic wrap, to take it out for a short paddle.

As you may see on the video, It worked GREAT! It's fast, it tracks well (even without fins on it!) and it's very stable. It's the best qualities of the skin kayak, built into a SUP board. By the way, the beautiful paddle is also my own design, and it will be available for customers in 2016.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kayak events, and a new Norwegian rolling champion

An intense week is coming to an end soon. Last week Dubside, Jannie and I went all the way to Stokkøya to act as instructors during the traditional kayak event there.

A long day of travelling by car and ferry was rewarded with a great positive meeting with lots of great and positive people. The site is spectacular! So was some of the thing we did! we had some days of teaching, then kayak building competition and Norwegian rolling championship. Not to mention great food, concert, campfire at the beach, guitar and ukulele, and lots of happy faces.

The day program came to a climax when Jon David won the rolling championship. He did a great job - in only 17 minutes he did almost every roll perfect - only missing the stray jacket roll! Best of all - he did it in a rolling kayak he and I designed together last autumn - framework and canvas - a real Greenland qajaq.

I videoed his performance with Dubsides camera. His daughters give comments and cheer!

Back in Vestfossen Dubside and I started our Rolling festival. 3 days of rolling and learning in beautiful lake Fiskum. People have travelled as far as from Kirkenes to this event. The weather has been great and so has the atmosphere.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Justine presentation and a new workshop record!

Just woke up to the most beautiful sunny day for a long long time...

My hands are really sore from bending lots of ribs yesterday, but what a day!... I took Justine Curgenven to the train yesterday morning after her wonderful presentation on “Paddling the Aleutians” on Monday evening. Normally I won’t schedule ANYTHING during a kayak building class except for the class, but Justines presentation was absolutely worth it – what a trip those women did! My class agreed that this was a great experience to hear and meet her. Trulyt inspiring, and well worth losing a bit of work on their kayaks..

I felt I was kind of behind schedule, so it was really fun to experience that yesterday went so perfect. My class did excellent work on their kayaks, helping each other really good. That gave me peace and quiet to concentrate on bending ribs on everyone’s boats…and finally in the evening, we had all 8 kayaks ready with ribs bent and all. That was rib bending for 3 Iqyax, 1 double Iqyax and 2 qajaq – 6 kayaks in only one day! New workshop record!!! Thanks a lot to my very good working class! 

We celebrated the days good work with a beer and burnt some scrap wood in my brand new fireplace outside the workshop..

My great old rib bending tube - steam kettle and sewer piping..

Somewhat the picture when we started yesterday morning

What a day! Thanks everyone and a special thanks to Justine! Maybe we got some of her very positive energy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kayaking the Aleutians

 Ett foredrag av Justine Curgenven

Sommeren 2014 padlet Justine Curgenven og Sarah Outen langs de Aleutiske øyene I Alaska. En lang ekspedisjon i ett av de vanskeligste og mest spektakulære farvann i verden. Justine kommer 1. juni til Oslo og holder foredrag om turen.
Justine er kjent som meget aktiv tur/ekspedisjonspadler, mangeåring kajakkinstruktør,  og så er hun produsenten  bak de kjente “this is the sea” filmene.
Foredraget foregår hos Atea AS som holder til i Brynsalleen 2 i Oslo. Det skjer mandag 1. juni kl. 20.00. Det varer 2 timer.

Det vil være mulig å kjøpe alle Justines filmer til svært lave priser (igjen, ha med kontant). “This is the Sea” nummer 1-4 og “This is Canoeing”: 120 kr./stk. “This is the Sea 5”, “This is the Roll” og “Kayaking the Aleutians”: 170 kr./stk. “This is the Sea 1-4 box set”: 350 kr./stk.

Spørsmål om arrangementet kan rettes til Anders Thygesen på eller 95930797

Vel møtt!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Last of 2014 and beginning of 2015....

Finally, after one of the toughest years ever, workwise, I found a little vacant time in late December. Time to relax.. or maybe do something fun? What I did was to start building two new kayaks with my employee Odd Erik.

These were to be "just" simple, beautiful, and highly functional kayaks. One greenland style kayak meant for rolling, mostly. And one Iqyax for touring and pretty much everything else..

After some hours of work, they were finished this Friday, and ready to launch!

The Greenlander is 520 cm. long and 49 cm. wide. The weight, including sea sock, rigging and seat mattress was just below 15 kg. The Iqyax became 517 cm. long, 50 cm. wide and just below 18 kg. of weight, everything included.

The weather was fine with a glimpse of sun and 4 degrees below zero. water temperature is around 2-3 degrees above zero, which makes rolling a bit complicated, even with a tuilik on.

The kayaks turned out amazing in their very different ways: The qajaq was fast, easy to maneuver and rolled like a dream. I had difficulty with some of the tough rolls, but I don't blame the kayak. I haven't rolled for a long time, and I still have a bit of stiffness and pain in my back from overworking in 2014.

The Ixyaq amazed me the most! It's not only the camera angle - it is VERY fast. I'm really looking forward to cruise in this one next week.

I took some extra time to make these fancy sea socks. The invention is my own, a couple of years old, but I haven't really used it on a lot of kayaks. Now I just decided to do it, and overcome the difficulties of trying something different. The system is simple - a router has made a slot in the top of the coaming. The edge of the sea sock is made same thickness as the slot. The edge goes into the coaming, and you have a beautiful looking and most functional sea sock!

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope to be on the water a LOT!