Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new expedition on it's way

Unfortunetely not me, this time. But I have been fortunate to be able to help Robert and Garbo fro Hungary, planning their expedition along the entire Norwegian coast. The expedition will start.....well, as soon as the paint is dry, I guess.

Robert participated in my last kayak construction course. Garbo got an old Iqyax (kayak/baidarka) that was used on last year's expedition. We re-skinned it, and voila! As good as new. When I saw the framework of this 10 year old kayak, I almost regretted giving it away! It was perfect!

We have just pulled off the cover - Robert is working on his kayak in the beckground.

I wonder if we couldn't use the old skin for something? Suits me well

Now the paint needs to dry, and in between preperations for the expedition, sanding and painting more, the guys help me painting my new workshop - the chapel.

Otherwise, I'm filled with impressions from a week with great company, building kayaks night and day. It was the "summer's" first kayak construction course, and a bunch of GREAT people gathered in my workshop. After 8 days, they all left last sunday.

Cathrine, Juan, Svein, Jostein, Anders, Kai, Robert and Garbo - Thanks for a great week. Happy paddling!