Friday, August 17, 2018

An Aleut paddle around Scandinavia

Today there were visitors in the chapel. Erling had returned from his long trip around Scandinavia and came by to order a new paddle and say hello. His old paddle will be hung on his wall. The new one is for more kayaking. To those who want to know more, I will recommend the outstanding blog Stein and Erling wrote on their planned 7000 km. sea kayak journey:

Ering wrote to me during the expedition that he loved his 220 Aleut paddle that I made for him. He think he has the paddle to thank for effortless paddling without injuries, and that he might not have made the trip without this paddle. 

What surprised me the most was how little wear this light spruce paddle had taken after such a long journey! It barely needed maintenance. Edges of the blade were a bit dry, shaft too, and some epoxy was worn off the ends. I hope to soon offer an evening show here in Vestfossen with Erling and Stein telling stories and showing pictures from their trip around Sweden, Finland, Russia and Norway.