Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evening trip and more video!!!!!

Me and my friend Alexander took a trip one evening and played with a video camera - see the super cool video below!

I paddle my expedition baidarka, Alex paddles his baidarka that he built under my supervision 10 years ago.

The weather was very.....changing!

Hope you like this - please share it with everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Camera test

In this video you see the baidarka I intend to use for the trip. I have never rolled it before, and I was impressed how easy it was to roll. I did static braces on both sides, and they worked so well that I let go of my paddle and just floated. The water was quite cold, so I go on rolling some other day.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Expedition planning and more...

The expedition gets closer and closer. There are lots of things that need to be planned and done. Most difficult is my own physical shape. We have promised each other, within the group, to be in “good physical shape” and “able to paddle a 50 km. daytrip without difficulties” when we begin the expedition.  I have been doing some strength exercises since the beginning of January, and that really helps. What troubles me is a pain in my elbow when I paddle hard. But it seems that it gets better.
Since the ice has melted, I have done some trips on my own, where I slowly try to stretch my limits of being seated in the baidarka. I can easily paddle for 20 km. at good speed without a break now. I eat and drink on the way, and try to break up the normal cruising speed with some minutes of hard and fast paddling in between. It all helps.
At 09.00 this morning, I and my neighbor Thomas went for a 20 km. paddle to the beautiful island “Holt√łya”. We paddled on totally calm water for 10 km. or so, and had a great break at the island with cake and tea. Thomas had never seen my Kellykettle in action before and was, of course, impressed.

Tor has taken responsibility for bringing out food at different locations along the coast. I am most thankful that he does, and I just say “yes, thanks – the same for me” when asked about what I want to be placed there for me. I feel that I could use far more time planning the expedition, but now I’m most concerned about getting the business going. It’s high season for a kayak and paddle maker.