Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sea sock

Before covering the framework, I started making the sea sock today. A sea sock is extremely important in a skin on frame kayak, for safety reasons. This one will be permanently fitted with a zipper. Some extra work, but I happened to have an extra waterproof zipper, so why not!

Making it before covering the baidarka enables me to give it a perfect fit. Now I'll start covering the baidarka.


  1. Hi Anders,

    I have an F1 I made with Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon. I am interested in making a sea sock for it. Could you tell me more of your zippered sea sock design? What fabric you used and what kind of zipper etc?



  2. I'd love to see more information on the zippered sea sock, too. I can see sewing one side of the zipper to the coaming at the same time as the skin, but I'm not sure if there's an easier way to do it that's less obvious to me. Having more information would be awesome!

  3. Hi Anders,

    Do you follow the Qajaq USa forums? A number of us our discussing your efforts there ;-)