Friday, October 15, 2010

A new test ride

Finally, my baidarka is sanded down and painted 5 times, and the hull is really smooth now. I took a trip to the nearby archipelago of Vestfold. With the hull really smooth, I could easily padddle for 8-9 km. pr. hour without much effort. I noticed how the baidarka took the little choppy waves nicely. The bow lifting itself over the waves in a smooth and noiseless way.

The sea was otherwise calm, but there was a light breeze at the end of the day. I had been concerned whether i had placed myself too far behind in the kayak. I can see from this picture that the kayak is well balanced. I found the kayak quite neutral in sidewind, with a minimal tendency to weathercock - what luck - exactly what I wanted.

Today I also got a prototype of my new home-designed paddling jacket. Anne Berg from Brønnøysund has kindly offered her help with putting my ideas into a pattern. She had made me a great paddling jacket using leftovers from winnie-the-pooh curtains (It looked great - I should have taken a photo!). The fit was almost perfect, and we're very near making it from some good quality waterproof material. More about this later on the "equipment" page.


  1. Hi Anders!

    Very beautiful Baidarka - congratulations! Perhaps you remember, that you sold me in the spring 2009 canvas and gave me some advice how to sew it. I made my first kayak then, and I think it is quite good. Now I´m making another, so perhaps I have to buy more canvas before you go to your trip.

    Jukka Mattila