Saturday, December 4, 2010

Test of video

I thought it could be fun to add some movie clips once in a while. Outside, it's still cold, below 20 degrees! So making new movie clips is not so tempting. I joined Vimeo, and just made this test movie clip for fun. It was taken last year with my waterproof olympus mju 8000 compact camera. I think the quality is O.K. for internet use. Actually I'm impressed that such a small camera can make this kind of pictures, but maybe I'm old fashioned! Check it out:

And now I'm looking forward to some more paddling. Next week I can hopefully paddle 150 km. or so.

More (6/12): I haven't figured out how to answer the comments yet, so now I do it this way! Still got a lot of things to learn, it's probably easy. But to the comment - This was so fun and easy to do. I will definitely do more rolling video in the future - one roll at the time, and post it on my main web page. And to do it in english should be no problem - good idea! 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Anders,
    The sound was good also. Useful to see a rolling video with some commentary. Currently failing at norsaq and hand rolls. Wish I could speak Norwegian to get some hints. :¬)