Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miscellaneous equipment

I just finished some essential equipment details today. Neoprene wrist warmers, cockpit cover and paddle jacket. Since Anne Berg had no time to make me an anorak, I had to make one myself in order to get it just the way I wanted. It became a compromise, where I changed an old anorak that I like, into something even better! Watch the video and see. I also fixed my dry suit neck seal.


  1. Hi Anders,

    Your attention to the small details and personal comfort is another reason why I am sure you will have an enjoyable and successful journey.
    Did you guys ever consider paddling from South to North and what decided your choice of North to South?

    Good luck with your continuing preparations and training!
    Mike Mills

  2. Hallo Mike!

    Thanks! I spoke to Fredrik Ness from VesterĂ¥len. He made the mistake of paddling from south to north some years ago. It was TOUGH (but so is he!). It seems that there are more/stronger notherly winds in general. That is why.

  3. Hi Anders,
    Are the wrist warmers worn under the anorak?

  4. Usually I use wrist warmers when I don't use the Anorak. They are ment for the good weather days, when I paddle in a woolen t-shirt. You easily get warm, but your wrists are very exposed to cooling from the combination of water spray and light wind. But yes, under the anorak too. when the weather is cold, and the wind blows, they are good to have.

  5. Hi Anders,

    I was interested to see you make your tuilik - it looks really great. Do you have to iron on the seam seal tape? Also, I too use wrist warmers. I just cut about 3 inches off the wrists of an old wet suit! They really help keep you warm as the blood vessels on the inside of your wrists are right at the surface, and the wrist warmers cover them. Wishing you a great time on your trip, and look forward to hearing about it.

    Best wishes, Sue

  6. Hallo Anders, your sea sock, is it a liner for your cockpit to keep your iQya-x cargo area dry? If yes, very impressive, Mike