Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I got an award!!!!!

Now it's official. I got the "Iqyax of the year 2011"

Michael Livingstone writes:

"Five people were nominated for "Iqyax of the year 2011", including some who have dedicated decades of their lives to researching and building these unique sea kayaks. By an overwhelming vote, your paddling of a traditionally built Unangax iqyax with a wooden frame covered with organic cotton and paddling 3063 Km. (1903 nautical miles along the coast of Norway stood head and shoulders above all other entrants. For your outstanding iqyax work, you are being awarded a Sacajawea coin by Randy L'Hedow Teton, the only living person portrayed on US currency. You are also being awarded a commemorative coin bag sewn by Glenice E Teton. You have, single-handed, done a great deal to keep the tradition of building and paddling iqyaq alive. Many generations of ancient Unangax iqyax builders are smiling down upon you."

I am very thankful for the award and these beautiful words. It is most enchouraging, and I really appreciate that. I promise that this will not be my last long iqyax journey. Building ancient craft is one thing, but we really start to learn when we actually use them also.

Thank you so much. A beautiful piece of art has come in my possesion also. It will hang on my wall and remind me to keep up the good spirit of working and paddling ancient craft.

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