Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter paddling and kayak building

Easter time...

Time for holiday, spending time with the children and family. We have had some good days with fine weather and holiday. I even had a day trip with two friends in cold weather, rain and still some ice on the water. Rain feels so good after a long winter.

We also had time to work a bit on the 1885 Iqyax project. We planned some details for a video about the project, and actually managed to finish the deck.

Berndt Matre came by and picked up food for his paddle expedition that starts in May. We have discussed his plans, and I was able to help supply him with dried food for the whole trip. Berndt intends to paddle the whole Norway coast, starting in the south. He claims that my expedition last year inspired him to finally start making his own paddle dream come true. Good luck and have a safe journey!

Finally, I will spend my next week teatching kayak building skills in Trondheim. A group waits me there tomorrow, Saturday, and i have stuffed the car with tools, materials and all necessities for 9 days of intense work. Perhaps I can post something from the course on the blog during next week.....

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