Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1841 Iqyax continued......

Finally, after 1 year of gathering dust, the replica of amazing 1841 Ixyaq from the St. Petersburg museum of anthropology is ready for covering. It has been great fun building this craft, but now I'm eager to get it on the water and do some speed paddling!

It's all in the details! I don't have any idea what this blue painted groove was for on the original, but we did them anyway. Instead of sea lion whiskers, we used little threads of whale baleen. That may make the kayak more seaworthy or something?

Here is the whole frame, oiled with red pigmented linseed oil. It's outside dimensions are around 580x43 cm. I don't remember the exact measures, but we have followed the original faithfully.

You can guess for yourself what this is! To be continued......

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