Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kayak building class

I have seldom laughed so much for so many days :) 

We did the year's first kayak building class this week. As usual, people from different countries and different parts of Norway gathered for 8 days to build each their own kayak. 

Thank you again, Rune, Cormac, Ina, Bjørn, Bjørn, Petter and Jannie :) 

By the way, great kayaks also :)

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  1. I strongly recommend this kayak building course
    Anders is a wonderfully knowledgeable teacher and host. His friendly being characterizes the atmosphere and all the participants become part of a social and professional melting pot. Here, friendship and relationships are established while building their own kayak. The trust was great and mutual among the participants and we worked alternately on our own and others' kayaks.
    Bjørn Olaus Stensrud / 08.05.2018