Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May, so far...

After a kayak building class, I usually need to rest and do nothing for a couple of days. Luckily we had some guests from oversea just after the class.

Vernon Doucett and Ben Fuller came all the way from Nova Scotia and Maine, just to check out us, my beautiful chapel, Norway and a couple of museums. They are boat-building-kayak nerds as nerdy as they come. What a treat to have them here. Fortunately we will see them again at Delmarva this fall.

Did a little work on a new, far from finished kayak project - The plywood hull/fabric deck Greenland style kayak. Jannie helps with the project - seems I have a new apprentice here.

Still wondering if we should call it plyaq? unfinished kayak seat tested.

It obviously performed well. With Jannie in it, it performed perfectly in the water. No sound, no bow wave, fast and stable... 

It also rolled well. The rollability test for me is to do a forward ending handroll. It worked well on first try. Water temperature didn't permit a lot of rolling though.

As Vernon and Ben went off to Bergen for a couple of days, Jannie and I went kayaking. In the meantime, spring has really come fast, and we experienced summer like temperatures on the local waters.

Applying for membership in the old men's club....

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