Sunday, June 10, 2018

Outstanding students - last kayak building class this summer.

So the last kayak building class this summer comes to an end. The cars are loaded with brand new skin on frame kayaks - tiny Greenland style kayaks, tailored to their owner's measurements, and two beautiful Iqyax (baidarkas) with hatches, made for distance sea kayak touring.

They are on their way to their new homes as I write, going to Bologna, Copenhagen, Sicily and various Norwegian towns and cities.

Unfortunately, I had a few cancellations in the very last minute before the class started, last Saturday. That left me with a class of only 6 people. All showed up to be very skilled with their hands and got to finish their kayaks in good style a whole day ahead of schedule.
That left us with some extra time to make very fancy sea socks, paddles and start on the little details that are normally considered “homework” after class.

A huge thanks to all who made this a class to remember. Happy paddling everyone J

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