Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evening trip and more video!!!!!

Me and my friend Alexander took a trip one evening and played with a video camera - see the super cool video below!

I paddle my expedition baidarka, Alex paddles his baidarka that he built under my supervision 10 years ago.

The weather was very.....changing!

Hope you like this - please share it with everyone!


  1. It looks you are so fast (e.g. on 3:30). Beautiful!!

  2. Skikkelig fart på de båtene ser der ut som! Artig film!

  3. Glad to see the Kelly kettle is central to your trip! Your baidarka's are superb, and I especially like your rolling video. Looking forward to following your great voyage!

  4. Very impressive Anders! :)Great looking iQya-x you have built! yours and my ancestors smile down upon you as you paddle your iQya-x