Monday, May 9, 2011

Camera test

In this video you see the baidarka I intend to use for the trip. I have never rolled it before, and I was impressed how easy it was to roll. I did static braces on both sides, and they worked so well that I let go of my paddle and just floated. The water was quite cold, so I go on rolling some other day.


  1. Impresive Anders!! I have a question - maybe I missed the answer somewhere here but anyway: Why are you going in baidarka instead of kayak? Regards and good luck!

  2. Hi Vitek

    The baidarka has much more space for luggage inside than a Greenland kayak. It also has better cruising speed and even more directional stability. In my experience it is just as sea worthy as the best of the Greenlandic kayak types also.


  3. Hallo Anders, wow, beautiful iqya-x that you have built! My Unanga-x (ancient Aleut)ancestors would be proud of your boat building and iqya-x rolling skills. I will put up a link to your blog on our iQya-x group on Facebook so that our 36 members can keep track of your progress. Paddle safe, Mike