Friday, September 2, 2011


Today Bao Quoc announced thet he wanted to quit paddling for a while. The reason was that he wants to finish his studies.

We paddled to Kristiansund. Here we met Elsebeth and Geir, who kindly offered us a bed for the night, dinner and a small sightseeing in beautiful Kristiansund. Thank you so much Elsebeth and Geir!!!!

We re arranged our gear and got a smaller tent for me. I intend to keep paddling as long as I still enjoy it, so even though I dislike the thought of paddling alone, I take one day at the time an go on....

Tomorrow is Hustadvika - an area feared by sailors. The weather forecast says the weather will be good - little wind and no rain!   

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  1. Hei!

    Hvis du trenger noe når du kommer til Ålesund så er det bare å ringe! :) Har padleforbud i to uker framover, ellers skulle jeg padlet deg i møte. Men hvis det er noe du trenger så slå på tråden: 91 15 46 05

    Mvh Susan