Saturday, September 24, 2011

Risør - Nevlunghavn

Morning in Risør - breaking up camp

Today the weather was mostly BEAUTIFUL!

I stopped for a break on the island "Kråka" in Telemark. This is the place I was first introduced to Greenland kayaking about this time of the year 18 years ago. This is in a way where it all started!

The weather was good until 16.00 when I crossed over to Nevlunghavn. Nevlunghavn has a reputation for difficult waves. The wind grew stronger as I paddled on, and soon I found myself in a chaos of waves - It felt lik sitting inside a washing mashine. At one occation I came too close to a series of huge breaking waves, and I nearly capsized. That was a bit scary. I found ot there was no point continuing under these circumstances, so I camped near Nevlunghavn, even though it was not late at all.

When we were a group of 3, we wanted to paddle to the Swedish border and end the journey there. Now as I paddle alone, I think I will rather simply paddle home. I've paddled to the border earlier, It's a shorter distance than paddling home, but for me at the moment, paddling up the river to my home in Vestfossen seeems much more attractive.

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  1. "The most prominent and strongest trait of Aleut [read here 'the three people paddling iqyan on this voyage'] is their endurance -- an endurance amounting almost to insensibility"(Veniaminof, 1984 [1834], pp. 166-167). "Aleuts especially astonish with their tirelessness in baidarka [iqyax] travel. I hapened to travel with them several times for from 14 to 20 hours, not putting in to shore. During such voyages, they did not stop more than once and not longer than 15 minutes" (Veniaminof, 1984 [1834], pp. 162-163).