Monday, January 16, 2012

Well done!

Yesterday afternoon, the workshop was empty again. It has been a great week, with lots of activity and great company. It's both a bit sad and a great relief when all the kayaks and all the people are gone.

The course was a good one. The atmosphere was good and so was the working spirit. The Baidarkas became really good, but we should have had a bit more time in the end. Perhaps the good atmosphere was to blame?......

We let my camera take a picture every minute, and that became an amusing little video:

Gareth, Pedro, Bjørn, Bao Quoc, Erik, Audun and Håvard - Thank you so much for a great week. Keep up the good spirit and paddle safely!


  1. Nicely done Anders! Wow, that is a bunch of a bunch of iqyax̂ in a very short time... the most I have ever heard of. If Gareth, Pedro, Bjørn, Bao Quoc, Erik, Audun and Håvard are on Facebook, please encourage them to join our group iqyax. Looking forward to you paddling in Unangax waters! :) Mike

  2. Thanks Michael!

    I have told them about the group. Think I'll add a link when I send them all an e-mail soon....

    By the way...did I thank you for the dictionary? Thanks a lot. We have been practising Aleut words on this course!