Sunday, November 18, 2012

Early morning paddling

My friend and neighbor Thomas and I has developed a concept called "EARLY MORNING PADDLING".  That is, going out on Sunday morning before it gets light, paddling for about 4 hours, and being back almost before your family has noticed you were gone. That can often make a perfect day!

We did one today, starting around 7 as the very first light came.

Coffee break at "Holtøya" - one of very few islands in lake Eikeren

We had a great paddle trip this morning. Lots of mist with rays of bright sunlight made the trip to Holtøya extraordinary spectacular. I'm very happy to have a friend like Thomas who also thinks this 20 km. trip is nice - It's like: 10 kilometers paddling one way in the middle of this fjord-like inland lake. The landscape hardly changes. Then we usually have a good stop at one of the few islands here, and then we paddle the same 10 kilometers back again. Some would call it boring - I love it!


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