Thursday, November 15, 2012



Does anyone else enjoy the cracking sound of a huge ash log as you drive wedges in it, and it suddenly comes apart? Geir and I had a great time splitting and carrying this log home. Suddenly the impossible task of carrying one ton of wood becomes possible, as you divide it into smaller parts.

Yesterday I recieved a truckload of completely knot-free spruce! To me worth more than gold. Great kayak and paddle materials for serveral years to come. My son ├ůsmund earned some money helping me to pile it up in a dry place. Together we moved 5-6 m3, or around 3 tons of wood in less than 3 hours! Feels better than money in the bank!

lengths of 4-6 meters and absolutely knot-free. In Norway this shouldn't be possible! I'm very satisfied.

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