Monday, October 7, 2013

Iqyax Survey in Helsinki

Finally, the day had come for me to examine some of the material in the Museum of Cultures, Helsinki Finland. To my great relief, Ivar Finnard, one of the Project Inuit members, offered his assistance on this delicate job. 
We arrived Helsinki Yesterday evening, and spent today in the museum's exhibition halls. The reason for the stay is mainly the great Aleutian material the museum own. Our job this time was to survey one Aleut Iqyax from around 1830 and no less than 4 Aleut paddles dating from the period from 1830-1850

In the picture you see Ivar and Heli from the museum, who gave us such good help today.

Exciting is not the word to describe my feelings holding a genuine Aleut paddle in my white-cotton gloved hands! I've been thinking of this since my last visit in Finland in 2007!!! Some experience!!

We started a digital scan of the whole kayak, and close examined 3 of 4 paddles today. Tomorrow we do a traditional survey of the kayak.

Ivar making 1:1 drawings of the fist paddle. 
to be continued.......

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