Sunday, October 6, 2013

New ride x 2

I haven't had much time to test out the new Iqyax I finished this summer. Just a few very short trip, haven't given me much idea of this special kayak's potential, strengths and (if any?) weaknesses.

Got a chance to test my "new" car today also. It looks quite strange with a 5,86 long kayak on the roof, but the kayak is so light it doesn't matter.

Just a few kilometers of paddling today gave me the following thoughts of the kayak:

1. It's fast, but the cruising speed is not that different from much shorter/wider kayaks i own.

2. Impressive stability, only 42 cm. wide. I feel perfectly safe.

3. It tracks very well, even in short annoying waves, likely to push your kayak sideways.

4. I hate the ridged aft deck! A flat aft deck makes the kayak so much easier to enter. I wonder if the Aleuts had some special trick they used to get in and out of their kayaks???

5. Got a feel of surf on small waves today. It would be great fun to take it out in some big ocean swell soon. I put that on my list of things to do this autumn. 

Now it's home and pack my bags for a 3 days stay in Helsinki. We are going to examine and survey an even older Iqyax there, and 4 old Aleut paddles!! I keep posting in the next couple of days - this is really exciting!

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