Sunday, April 30, 2017

Qajaq and iqyax building class, April

 Spring came and went... The leaves started to shoot on the newly planted maple tree in my yard. Then winter suddenly came back with snow and cold. In the middle of all this, a group of people gathered in my workshop to build a kayak each.
 The hours and days flew by as the wooden frames took shape.
 People would help each other with different tasks. The Greenland style kayak always finish first. The waiting time was spent making paddles.

A couple of evenings, we went paddling. One day in heavy wind and snow. A great experience
 for our french student!

Ole Kristian inspects his nearly finished iqyax frame.
Lashings and dowels... Here Sylvian hammers the last dowel that binds the oak ribs and the spruce keelson together.

Sylvian and Bjørn help each other with the

The Frames are oiled in the end..The next step will be covering with heavy duty canvas.
Something new..... This new patent of securing the very important and potentially life-saving sea sock to the cockpit rim has been on it's way for a while. For the first time the whole class would choose this kind of sea sock. Unfortunately the process involves the use of of power tools, but not for long :)

The finished result looks neater than the old style with a chord (as seen in the background kayaks).

Happy future kayakers.....

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