Sunday, May 5, 2019

Day 7 and 8 - end of class

Sewing continued... Here we stitch the cockpit to Martins kayak

                                                             Color samples for nylon cover

Tom, here with Jannie, is from Asker, Near Oslo. He builds a general purpose Greenland style kayak for touring on the fjord and on nearby lakes. He works as a mechanic and is soon to be retired.

Tiago wanted a hatch on his touring baidarka.

The groove in the cockpit coaming is for the sea sock.

Interior of a Greenland style kayak

Interior of a baidarka or ixyaq - note the loose footrest.

Karin dyeing her kayak

Some wanted more colorful kayaks..

Steve painting his baidarka. Jannie showing the new flag of color samples :)

For the last day, Saturday, we chose to make paddles and sea socks. 

Andreas here comes from Germany, and is the last person to be introduced here.. He lives near Köln and will use his baidarka paddling the river Rhine and lakes mostly. Here, He's working on his Greenland style paddle.

Cheers! And thanks to everyone for a wonderful week! Take care, paddle safely and enjoy your new kayaks :) Thank You!

And a special thanks to Jannie for taking a lot of these nice photos and helping out during class :)

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