Monday, August 22, 2011

1467 km

We are approximately half way on our long journey now. And we have used half the time. Today we reached Husvær South in Nordland. Soon it's time to change to my next overview map!

Our progress is good, and we still experience amazing things. Yesterday we came across pods of small dolphins, who jumped out of the water quite close to us. Unfortunately, we did not manage to take any photos before they were gone.

We often get up early in the morning. 05.00 is typical. Then it's good to take a nap any time you have the opportunity. Here I take a short nap in a harbor, using my thermos as a pillow.

We eat well all the time. Our typical breakfast consist of oat flakes, dried milk powder and hot water. Usually we add sugar, sometimes butter, and sometimes we even add chocolate! We eat oats quite often, actually. For lunch too, and sometimes as an evening meal.

Once or twice a day, we have "dinner". Dinner consist of vacuum packed, freeze dried meals from a Norwegian company "Drytech". They come in many varieties. Unfortunately Our first food depot to last 3 weeks had only two varieties! Now I have more to choose from. To add a little extra fat (and taste), we have brought lots of olive oil. We add up to one dl. in every meal as often as we can.

We sometimes take a break out on the water. Therefore we need some "deck food". This usually consists of different kinds of nuts, raisins and chocolate. All packed in waterproof little bags, within easy reach.
You actually become a little tired of the same food every day. Therefore, we eat well every time we reach some kind of civilization. We now typically buy bread, cheese, eggs and canned fish. We prefer fat and protein!

Life beneath the sea is often more interesting than life above the sea

Today we reached Inge and Bent Skauen. They run "Havnomaden" (sea nomad) kayak center. We have had a good time with good food, wine and great company with Inge and Bent, who are passionate paddlers. We have slept in good beds, had a good shower, and washed our smelliest clothes.

Wine, chairs and table - luxury!!!! Thanks to Inge and Bent.

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