Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bodø - Ørnes

We set out from Bodø rather late on the 16. The wind was strong - too strong to cross the Salten fjord. We had to stop and sleep only 12 km. from where we started, and wait for better weather. We got up at 04.00 in the morning on wedensday 17. and crossed the fjord in nice weather. This day, we paddled 62 km. It is very efficient to get up early! Today, we paddled 30 km. We rounded the dreaded "Kunna" in fair weather, and got to Ørnes early. We had a good meal, and went out to find Tor's cabin on Mesøya. We had placed a depot of dried food here, and everything went as planned. Today it is two weeks since we left Tromsø, and we had estimated a two weeks trip to get here - it couldn't be more perfect.

Finally Helgeland! I have been looking forward to paddle this part of the coast.

Tor and his wife Birte came here by car as I write these lines. We had a good evening together, ate fresh food and sat on chairs! Luxury!!!! Birte had brought Tor's old baidarka. It is shorter and better suited for this kind of trip, and Bao Quoc will leave behind his 570 cm. long baidarka on Mesøya. A little rigging needs to be done before we can continue.

Man or kayak? I met this two legged monster lying on its back when I went outside the cabin to brush my teeth!

Tor and Birte approaching the cabin in their kayaks.

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