Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodbye to the North

It was so good to vistit Inge and Bent at Havnomaden's Kayakcentre in Husvær. Not far from Husvær is Brønnøysund - a place that I have visited often, and a place where my heart belongs....We arrived early today, and met my good friend Kurt in the harbor. Tonight we have arranged to eat pizza with Kurt and his family, and other great people from Brønnøysund.

The weather is still good. Yesterday we had what seems to be the last summer night with no wind and sun - we paddled a long distance in complete silence, only disturbed by little dolphins who hit the surface and exhaled.

It is both great and a bit sad to be here in Brønnøysund. Brønnøysund is in the southernmost part of Northern Norway, and leaving Brønnøysund means leaving the North! And I won't be back for a long time... I have enjoyed our trip through Northern Norway so much - especially the last couple of weeks in Helgeland.

(above was written 2 days ago)

Now we have crossed another county border!!!!!! North Trøndelag lies ahead of us.

We have had difficulties connecting to the internet, but now it seems to work! I'll get back with some photos. At this moment we are just about to cross the Folda Fjord. The weather is fine, a bit rainy and windy this morning, but it's getting better. We have had a good break in a guest harbor, but now we need to move on....

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