Sunday, August 14, 2011

Steigen - and finally some pictures

After four days of paddling in Nordland, we have made it to Steigen. Nature only gets better and better. Bright white beaches and small islands everywhere. We have had some rain and some wind. The distances we paddle have been shortened slightly. Tor's arm is not getting better, and we have had to slow down. We will attempt to go to Mesøya together slowly - that is 150 km. from our current position. Mesøya is the home place of Tor's family, and we would like to go there with him. Once there, he will stop paddling, and it is up to me and Bao Quoc to continue the journey. We will have to reorganize things slightly, but there is no problem in paddling on only the two of us. Only a shame that Tor cannot continue with us.

The most impressive sights lately is the eagles that we constantly see. We often get quite close - 30-50 meters yesterday. But not close enough to take a good photo so far. On Thursday, I nearly hit an otter with the tip of my kayak. It was windy, and I approached it from the downwind side. I thought it was a dead animal, lying so still and not being aware of me. As I got closer I saw that he was completely occupied, eating a fish. The bow of my baidarka was only 30 cm. from him when he saw me, took the fish with him, and disapeared in the water.

And finally I have the chance so put in some pictures!!!! See below

Paddling between two giant ships from the Norwegian marine. Paddling long distances is not always that exciting, so whenever we approach something interesting, it has to be explored.

Lunch stop between little islands on a sand beach. Quite a change from earlier where we sometimes had to paddle long distances to find a suitable landing place.

Steigen in beautiful weather

We had decided to find the perfect campsite as we were expecting lots of rain.  We had no trouble finding one.  In addition to pitching the tent, we stretched a tarp as an additional shelter for luggage.  We also cooked our food and ate under the tarp - a bit less claustrophic than eating in a cramped tent.  Here the bad weather is on its way.

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