Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living in style

Finally we met some other paddlers! Near Bjugn we were met by Greta and Ole Kristian in their kayaks. They paddled with us as we crossed the Bjugn fjord. They invited us to Greta's home for an evening meal, sauna and a good bed, which we of course appreciated! Many thanks - it was so nice meeting you.

We paddled on today in great weather and some light wind. During the day, the rain came, it got cloudy and dark! It was getting late, as we found a small site called Magerøy, where there was a guest harbor. The great people who run the place let us sleep inside a great 17. century house, which is now in use as a guest house for tourists. Our tent was completely soaked, so we gladly accepted their offer.

The house to the right is where we stayed for the night. Talk about living in style!
Tomorrow, we will get up early. We need to use the light hours for paddling now, as the evenings get shorter.

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